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THERMANSYS Tube Furnaces
Dr. Stella Balomenou, Principal Researcher
Laboratory of Process Systems Design & Implementation (PSDI), CPERI/CERTH

"From day one, Thermansys people have been very inventive, responsive, helpful, and professional. The furnace has all the features to facilitate ease of reactor assembly and placement, and fast response for performing the complete range of measurements..." Solid Oxide Cell (SOFC/SOEC) Process
Dr. Fotios Katsaros, Research Director
Materials & Membranes for Environmental Separations Laboratory, NCSR DEMOKRITOS

"The furnace is working perfectly since 2013. A significant point is that the furnace does not create any electromagnetic interference during its operation. Actually Thermansys Company provided an EMI filter for a homemade furnace in our lab which its EMI were affected other sensitive instruments in the lab..." Development and Physicochemical Characterisation of Nanoporous Materials
Dr. Antonios C. Psarras, Researcher
Laboratory of Environmental Fuels and Hydrocarbons, CPERI/CERTH

"Thermansys furnace was utilized in an experimental bench scale unit, where a reactor was installed with fluidized bed configuration. The scope of the project was to investigate candidate materials as oxygen carriers in Chemical Looping Combustion process (CLC). Using the reactor thermocouple as feedback for temperature control, a control option provided by Thermansys controller, was very useful to achieve necessary accuracy and repeatability. The novelty of CLC is the inherent CO2 separation from the flue gases..." Investigation of Candidate Materials as Oxigen Carriers in Chemical Looping Combustion Process (CLC). Fluidized Bed Reactor Configuration

Dr. Filippos Farmakis, Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Enginnering Department, DEMOCRITUS UNIVERSITY of THRACE.

" We were searching for a customised solution of a hot plate inside a glovebox’s antechamber that could work under vacuum conditions, externally controlled by a temperature controller. Thermansys offered us a specially designed product according to our specifications at a very competitive price. The product was easy to implement and to operate as it was accompanied by the proper documentation. In addition, the product was intelligently designed at the feedthrough side where the vacuum conditions should be maintained in the antechamber. After three years of continuous usage, we did not experienced any reliability issues and no service was necessary.
My experience with Thermansys is extremely positive both in terms of product quality and technical support at all stages (design, implementation, operation, support)."