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KERAMOS M-Dental Zirconia Sintering Furnace-1650C-MoSi2 Heaters

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Keramos M series with maximum continuous operation temperature of 1650 ˚C is a furnace specially designed for Zirconium Dioxide (ZrO2) Dental Restorations sintering.
The furnace is a stand-alone device equipped with embedded controllers and electrical circuits to perform a Zirconia sintering program. A Windows Tablet PC, witch is delivered with the furnace, or any other computer, is used only as a human interface to the device. After programming and downloading the program to the furnace processor the computer could be disconnected and re-connected any time without interrupting the executed program.
The system programming is open and is suitable for various supplier materials. Windows architecture KeraWorks Software provide friendly and easy to use programming and monitoring environment.
The furnace is heated through the Kanthal Molybdenum Di-silicide elements. The high purity of this elements in addition to the low bulk evaporation rate significantly reduce the risk of translucent Zirconia discoloration.
The furnace package includes a set of Zirconia Toughened Alumina Sintering Bowl and Lid.

Key Features

  • Programmable, up to 15 Temperature programming steps. Graphical inspection.
  • Storage and reload of unlimited number of distinct programs.
  • Continuous monitoring of Temperature. Real time graphical presentation of executed program data.
  • Data file creation for all executed programs. Saves all data on local memory.
  • Real time actual Power (W) and totalized Energy (kWh) chart.
  • Alarm and event message tab. Overheating Alarm, open Thermocouple Alarm, Heater Alarm.
  • Programmable over temperature limiter monitor/configuration.
  • Remote control through network connection.
  • Power Safe, Uninterrupted Power Supply backup configuration. Recovers program after short term power failure.
  • Unattended operation, can be programmed to start and finish a program overnight.


  • Maximum/continuous temperature 1650 ˚C.
  • Operating Power:
          115 VAC – 50/60Hz.
          230 VAC – 50/60Hz
  • B type (PtRh/Rt) embedded thermocouple. Resolution 0.1 °C
  • Temperature control accuracy ±1 ˚C.
  • Resistors type: Kanthal Super, MoSi2, fully exposed.


Standard Package
  • Keramos M furnace body
  • 8΄΄ Tablet PC with Windows10
  • Sintering Bowl Set
 Model No Heated Volume (Liters) Max. Sintering Bowl Capacity
Doc No. Keramos M June 2018
  • Power Safe module. Battery uninterrupted power supply backup system. Recovers program after short term power failure.
  • Programmable Stand-alone over temperature limiter.
  • Thermocouple Calibration Package.
Additional Sintering Bowl
  • ZTA Sintering Bowl Diameter 120mm, P/N: ZTA-SB-C-120
  • ZTA Bowl Lid Diameter 120mm, P/N:ZTA-SL-C-120
  • ZTA Sintering Bowl Diameter 100mm, P/N: ZTA-SB-C-100
  • ZTA Bowl Lid Diameter 100mm, P/N:ZTA-SL-C-100