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Having in mind user’s convenience and daily work facilitation, Thermansys designs and develops a special windows architecture software providing a friendly human machine interface solution with advanced features:

  • Set-point programming with 15 ramp or constant temperature programming steps – graphical inspection of programming.
  • Storage and reload of unlimited number of distinct programs.
  • Real time chart illustrating control temperature(s), running set point(s) and user process temperatures.
  • Real time true-rms Current (A), Voltage (V) and Power (W) measurements.
  • Real time actual Power (W) and totalized Energy (kWh) chart. 

  • Saves all data on local memory.
  • PID control with tools for PID tuning.
  • Virtual keyboard, alarm and event messages.
  • Watchdog over temperature limiter monitor/configuration page.
  • Gas flow and pressure, gas analyzers signals, monitoring and control tools activated if corresponding PM modules are enabled. 
  • Versions running at Microsoft® Windows are available for remote control by a tablet or PC through USB port.