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Tube Furnaces

Single/Three Zone Tube Furnace, up to 1300˚C, Universal Mounting, FeCrAl Heaters

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RCT-AW1-T-1300 and RCT-AW1-O-1150 furnace families were designed to offer a flexible solution for the majority of applications involving controlled atmosphere tubular reactors heating, up to 1300 ˚C. Due to the nature of the insulation material, that can tolerate ultra high temperature gradients, these models provide a reliable solution in processes require fast reactor heating and cooling. Coil type resistors with minimum pitch provide very high power density while ensuring excellent temperature uniformity. The free option of horizontal or vertical positioning in conjunction with the remote control unit maximizes user flexibility and increase the number of the same part potential uses. Equipped with our PYROMODULAR controller these furnaces are easily and professionally adapted into fully instrumented scientific instruments.
  • Hinged split tube or closed tube construction.
  • Maximun Continuous Temperature 1150 ˚C for hinged and 1300 ˚C for closed tube models.
  • Universal, vertical and horizontal operation.
  • Extremely low density thermal insulation – remarkably high heat up energy savings.
  • Three zone models available for extended length uniform axial thermal distribution.

Key Features

  • Best available quality KANTHAL spiral shape FeCrAl wire resistors insure furnace long life operation up to 1300 ˚C continuously. 
  • Extremely low mass vacuum formed thermal insulation enables high output available for the load and fast heat up rates while significantly contributes to energy savings under daily thermal cycling.
  • Control strategy focusing in high power factor for all workable temperature areas leads to energy savings and insures compliance with EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) standards.
  • Hinged - split tube – construction, operation position horizontal or vertical.
  • Temperature PID Control. Accurate and uniform temperature profiles.
  • Modern double wall construction keeps external surfaces temperature low, emphasizing in operator safety. Internal skin is exclusively made from stainless steel to enhance durability.
  • Ergonomic design with no protruding edges, bolts or other features combines stainless steel parts with painted finish parts for an improved esthetic result.
  • Furnace closure interlock prevents heaters powering, if furnace is opened, through mechanical conductors.
  • USB port for connection to a PC
  • Touch Screen Computer running PYROLOGISM software human-machine interface.
  • 3 user process thermocouple inputs available (B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T type- software configurable).
  • Power and true RMS Current measuring circuits.
  • Heater failure, open control thermocouple detection, door open alarms and interlocks. Alarms and events front panel led array.
  • Stand alone over-temperature limiter (Watchdog) with manual reset in accordance with EN 60519-2 to protect the oven and load. Overrides main controller and cut off heater power if user adjustable high limit is reached.


Standard features:
  • Maximum continuous temperature:
- 1300˚C for RCT-AW1-T-1300 Models
- 1150˚C for RCT-AW1-O-1150 Models
  • Operating Power: 208 /240VAC – 50/60Hz.
  • S type embedded thermocouples for RCT-AW1-T-1300 Models.
  • K type embedded thermocouples for 1150˚C for RCT-AW1-O-1150 Models.
  • Mounting orientation: Horizontal, and vertical.
  • Temperature control accuracy ±1 ˚C.
  • Semi-exposed resistors type
  • Single zone or three heating zone(s) configuration models.
  • Each zone is equipped with two independed thermocouples for controller and over-temperature limiter feedback.
  • Thermocouple inputs:3 chan. - B, E, J, K, N, R, S, T type -software configurable, 24 bit A/D conversion, 0-45°C cold junction compensated, Typical accuracy ±0.2% f.s @ 25 , resolution 0.1 °C
Optional features:
  • Remote, touch screen temperature computer, running the specially designed PYROLOGISM 2.0 software on a 10.0in Tablet PC
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  • Programmable stand-alone over-temperature limiter (Watchdog) with manual reset in accordance with EN 60519-2 to protect the heater and load,
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  • UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) that will keep system alive for short periods of power failure and restore program after power recovery
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CE Certified. Compliant with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC (harmonized referenced standard EN 61010-1: 2001 and EN 61010-2-010:2003) and EMC Directive 2004/108/EC (harmonized referenced standard EN 61326-1:2006).

Produced in GREECE following ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and ISO 14001:2004 environmental management system.


For detailed ordering and technical information please see our technical brochures:
Split Tube, Maximum Temperature 1150˚C, Single Zone, Universal Operation
Model No Max. Temperature (C) Heated Diam. x Length
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D7L25-1150 1150 70x250mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D7L50-1150 1150 70x500mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D10L30-1150 1150 100x300mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D10L60-1150 1150 100x600mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D15L30-1150 1150 150x300mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D15L60-1150 1150 150x600mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D20L50-1150 1150 200x500mm
RCT-AW1-O-1Z-D20L80-1150 1150 200x800mm

Doc No. RCT-AW1-O-1150 January 2019
Split Tube, Maximum Temperature 1150˚C, Three Zone, Universal Operation
Model No Max. Temperature (C) Heated Diam. x Length
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D7L75-1150 1150 70x750mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D7L100-1150 1150 70x1000mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D10L75-1150 1150 100x750mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D10L90-1150 1150 100x900mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D10L110-1150 1150 100x1100mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D15L75-1150 1150 150x750mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D15L90-1150 1150 150x900mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D15L110-1150 1150 150x1100mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D20L90-1150 1150 200x900mm
RCT-AW1-O-3Z-D20L110-1150 1150 200x1100mm

Doc No. RCT-AW1-O-1150 January 2019
Closed Tube, Maximum Temperature 1300˚C, Single Zone, Universal Operation
Model No Max. Temperature (C) Heated Diam. x Length
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D4L22-1300 1300 40x220mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D4L52-1300 1300 40x520mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D7L22-1300 1300 70x220mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D7L52-1300 1300 70x520mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D10L44-1300 1300 100x440mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D10L52-1300 1300 100x520mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D15L52-1300 1300 150x520mm
RCT-AW1-T-1Z-D20L52-1300 1300 200x520mm

Doc No. RCT-AW1-T-1300 November 2015
Closed Tube, Maximum Temperature 1200˚C, Three Zone, Universal Operation
Model No Max. Temperature (C) Heated Diam. x Length
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D4L66-1300 1300 40x660mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D4L88-1300 1300 40x880mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D7L66-1300 1300 70x660mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D7L88-1300 1300 70x880mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D10L66-1300 1300 100x660mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D10L88-1300 1300 100x880mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D15L66-1300 1300 150x660mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D15L88-1300 1300 150x880mm
RCT-AW1-T-3Z-D20L96-1300 1300 200x960mm

Doc No. RCT-AW1-T-1300 November 2015


End Gas Sealing Flanges and Manifolds.

THERMANSYS® is providing work-tube End Gas Sealing Flanges for vacuum or pressure conditions.

These flanges are provided with Main Port either with hydraulic thread port or with Clamp Flange (CF) port for gases inlet/outlet- connection to the tubing network. Cooling fluid recirculation compartment is standard and is removable. Up to four peripheral threads are available serving as ports for instrumentation mounting (e.g thermocouples, pressure sensors).

Versions with Clamp Flange (CF) port design provide quick-open loading port and optionally a quartz sight window.

THERMANSYS® End Gas Sealing Flanges are supplied for work tubes diameters from 1΄΄το 3΄΄. Their design allows use with tubes having diameter tolerance ±10%.

Standard versions material of construction is Stainless Steel ASME 304. Optionally for corrosive applications Stainless Steel ASME 316 is available and Aluminum for a light weight solution (recommended for thin wall Quartz tube reactors).

Reaction Tubes.

Several work tube materials to choose from:

  • Dense ceramic Alumina work-tubes for the highest temperature applications.
  • Quartz work-tubes for maximum chemical inertia and for aggressive environments to work under vacuum or low pressure conditions up to 1100 ˚C continuously.
  • KANTHAL® APMTM/APMT metallic (FeCrAl based) work-tubes to serve under vacuum or pressure up to 1250 ˚C.


Mounting Stands.

Assembled and constructed using BOSCH-REXROTH® structural profile systems these stands provide the ideal solution for vertical furnace stand alone positioning plus reactor and instrumentation mounting. Using the commercially available accessories, tubing and cable routing is easy and professionally accomplished. Stands with electronically actuated furnace move-up and down provide a solution for heating zone moving along the reactor length.

For detailed information and ordering please refer to our Technical Bulletin “Reactor Type Furnaces–Mounting Stands”.

Please contact our sales team for detailed information and ordering on our Tube Furnace Accessories optional equipment.