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Precision Vacuum Hot Plates

Thermansys Precision Vacuum Hot Plates were designed to provide accurate and uniform surface temperature control. Their remote control system and the overall design that permits fast outgassing, as also the materials of construction, make them compatible for operation inside vacuum chambers and glove boxes.
Thermansys  Vacuum Chuck Hot Plates are equiped with a perforated anodized Aluminum plate on top of the heated body allows air suction through the holes. This way keep the heat treated substrate attached uniformly with the heated surface enhancing significantly the heat transfer. The perforated plate is detachable for easy cleaning.
Thermansys Hot Plates are ideal for heating and drying of thin films, substrates, membranes, weafers and many other materials. The aluminum heated body providing superior heat transfer and the dense structure of the heaters leading to a heated surface with excellent temperature uniformity.
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