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Tube Furnaces

Tube Furnaces combined with an appropriate Reaction Tube are suitable for controlled atmosphere, continuous duty processes and applications. Main application examples are Catalytic Beds testing, Organic or Inorganic Synthesis, Purification, Anneling, Degassing, Sintering, Sublimation and many others. Thermansys Tube/Reactor models and accessories cover a wide temperature range from 1150 to 1800 ˚C. Equipping our furnaces with the remote and expandable, special PYROMODULAR Power Supply, Control and Data Acquisition system we provide the means to the user to build a fully instrumented and total integrated high temperature process reactor system. Thermansys uses, according to application, FeCrAl, SiC or MoSi2 heating elements exclusively from Kanthal.
Thermansys can offer single and three zone in both closed or split tube configuration Tube Furnaces as also related accessories like reaction tubes, sealing flanges and stands.

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