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Chamber Furnaces

Thermansys Laboratory Chamber Furnace and Muffle models are covering a broad range of maximum continuous temperature from 1100 to 1800 ˚C. Thermansys uses, according to application, FeCrAl, SiC or MoSi2 heating elements exclusively from Kanthal. A Laboratory Furnace is useful for many users including manufacturers of metal parts, glass, ceramics and cement, jeweler and pottery manufacturers and technicians as also research and analytical laboratories, schools and universities.  Application examples are Annealing, Steel Hardening and Tempering, Ashing, Burn off, Debinding, Wax Removal and Sintering.
  • All Chamber, Box Furnace and Muffle models are equipped with Touch Screen Computer running Pyrologism software as human machine interface and Temperature Watchdog. Optional Protective Atmosphere (Nitrogen or/and Air flow controller addition).
  • All our Furnaces are designed with double wall ceramic insulation and providing pre-heating of the incoming air through adjustable opening providing energy savings and uniform thermal distribution.
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