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Only Quality


About Thermansys…
Thermanys is an advanced technology company trusted by the most important Technical Universities, Research Centers and Private High Technology Laboratories.
Our aim is to produce high reliability and quality products that are technologically beyond the state of the art having as central strategy the operator’s facilitation.

Our vision…
Is to provide a fresh market alternative, steps ahead the commercial existing competition.

Our products…
Thermansys designs, develops and manufactures Electrical Furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, Precision Vacuum Hot Plates and Refractory Technical Ceramics.
Our Heating Systems design aspects are:
  • Quality - highest quality standards, durable and reliable products
  • Ergonomical design - user convenience and daily work facilitation but without compromise on the esthetic result
  • Safety – strict safety standards, there is nothing safety related that is “optional” for us
  • Energy efficiency – As energy becomes more valuable and its consumption reduction means a lot to our environment the cost of furnacing is becoming globally more and more a major argument. All our products include: double wall construction, lightweight insulation, heat recovery techniques, Power Consistent Control (PCC) close loop management platform
  • Touch screen computer – Tablet, as Human-Machine interface running the specially designed by Thermansys friendly operation software  "Pyrologism". System operates independently of computer operation by Stand-alone dedicated controllers.
  • Perpetual product design and development 
Our History…
Thermansys is a company established in Greece in 2009 by a team of engineers having long experience in the field of materials and instrumentation research and development. Since then our company manage to acquire an important market share within Greek Universities, Technical Institutions and Laboratories while continuously improves its position globally.